Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesday 1/20

It's time for Working Mommy Wednesday again.  Julia has a really tough question for us this week.

As a working mom, if you suddenly became a SAHM, how do you think your life would be different?
As a SAHM, if you suddenly had to become a working mom, how would your life be different?

 I long to be a stay at home mom.  However the reality is that it's not financially possible for my family to live off of just one income.  So, thankfully, I kind of have the best of both worlds.  I have a job that lets me work part time and make almost what I would make working full time.  I am able to take my kids to school and pick them up (most days).  The bottom line is that for the most part I am home when they are home.  This is a tremendous blessing for me and our family!

Now, back to the question.  How would my life be different if I could be a stay at home mom?  Well, there are a few things that would be a little different.  My house would probably be a lot cleaner.  We probably wouldn't be digging through baskets of clean clothes. Instead they might be folded and put away.  We would probably have more home cooked meals.  Although, thanks to some of my bloggy friends I have gotten much better at planning ahead and getting a good meal on the table most days.  I would enjoy being able to get more exercise in that I don't feel like I have time for now.  I would also love having time home alone to spend in Bible study and prayer.

To be fair, there would also be some down sides to being at home. For instance it would probably mean less luxuries.  It would also mean that my kids would not get to participate in all the activities they do now.

At first this question made me a little sad, because it's true deep down the desire of my heart is to be home.  But after I got to looking at my life I see that I have been tremendously blessed.  Sure there are a few things that would change for the better.  But for the most part those things are still present and functioning in my life.  Just in a little different way.  The bottom line is I pray and God works it all out.  


Christina said...

Hi!! Just hopping over from Julia's!

Wonderful Post:))

I too am very thankful for my job and my life. I am blessed to have a great job that allows me to spend lots of time with my kids!!

Miss. Candy said...

Coming from Julia's as well!! I agree, I am so happy my kids can do all that they can do because I work!

Just Me said...

What a beautiful way to answer that question! Just stumbled across your blog and I think I'm gonna stay awhile...=)

Julia said...

great post! it's so tough to know how it would really be. your kids are older so that is definitely different. like i said, if i stayed home, we would definitely have another babe! but working makes it so hard!

He & Me + 3 said...

I think this is a great post. I loved your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love to meet new bloggers.

happygal said...

This is so well put! I agree!