Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting to Know YOU 1/17 - With a BONUS!

It's Sunday and time again for Getting to Know You!  Thanks to Keely for providing these fun questions!

1. Hair color..Au naturale..or not?
Well, sort of! The underside is my natural color and the top is highlights.  I was gonna go back to Au naturale, but I have too much gray!
2. If somebody has food in their teeth or lipstick on their teeth do you tell them?
Depends on the person and how well I know them.  If it's someone I know well I definitely do.  If it's a stranger - no way!
3. Would you rather have a million dollars or your vision of the perfect body?
This is a hard question.  I think I'd have to say give me the million and I'd pay for surgery! I don't hate my body that bad, it just needs a little tweaking! LOL
4. Favorite magazine?
Umm... People and Simple & Delicious.
5. Bra style..lacey or plain?
I have some of both.  Depends on the occasion and what I'm wearing which kind I choose to wear.
6. If you walked into Victoria's Secret..would you most likely come out with something sexy or comfy?
Neither.  There is no way I can convince myself to spend that kind of money on undergarments.
7. Do you fake and bake?
Sometimes.  I don't do it a lot, but I do like to have a little color to me.
8. What's your favorite body part on a man?
Wow, another hard one, but I'd have to say biceps. 

Now, for today's BONUS.  I thought this bonus was very fitting for today since Sundays are all about getting to know each other better.  I'd like you to meet my husband Don.  He is a pastor and preaching is one of his passions. He has decided to start a blog to post audio files of his sermons.  I hope that you will stop by and give him a warm welcome to the bloggy world.  I hope you find his sermons enlightening and uplifting. I know I do!

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Rudy Rukus said...

Nice post. Very nice to know more about you.