Saturday, January 16, 2010

Summary Saturday 01/16

Since I want my blog to double as a sort of family scrapbook I'm gonna start on Saturdays doing a post that summarizes some of the happenings of our week.  I'm thinking of making it a blog hop so that if anyone else wants to participate they can.  I think I'll call is Summary Saturdays.  I'm gonna be working on a button and hopefully will kick off the blog hop next Saturday.  I realize there are a few others that do something like this, but not any that I know of that do it on Saturday.  Let me know if you think you might be interested in joining me.

  • The week started off a little rocky with me still trying to recover from some kind of cold/sinus/throat junk and school being canceled for my kids because of broken water lines.  School was called off for Monday and Tuesday and then they asked for the kids to report back on Wednesday morning.  I dropped my kids off on Wednesday morning only to later find out that the school had ordered port-o-potties and they had not arrived and been set up on time so my kids were at school for the first three hours with NO bathrooms and no water.  To say I was an unhappy momma when I found this out was an understatement.  The water was finally fixed toward the end of the week and now school (I am happy to report) has returned to normal.  
  • We are having some issues with M's softball coach who was pushing her really hard at practice this week despite the fact that she had a hip fracture at the end of the summer and has been having some pain in her hip. It's really hard at this age to know when to step in and intervene and when to let them learn how to handle things on their own.  "M" asked us to let her handle it and so we are waiting and watching for now.  
  • Every couple of days I will think, "Oh, I'm finally starting to feel back to normal."  Then it seems I relapse a little.  I really thought on Friday that I was finally coming out of this mess.  This morning I woke up and my face was so swollen and my sinuses really congested.  You know it must be really bad when friends comment, "Are you ok?" just at the sight of your swollen face.
  • Even amongst the somewhat difficult week I managed to have a night out with my girl friends (which helped tremendously) and I made it to a breakfast with some of the ladies from our church.  It's amazing how encouraging it can be to spend time with friends!
  • I got an awesome compliment from my sweet husband, who had just been perusing my blog.  He said I am a good writer and I should write a book.  Think he may be a little biased, but what an encouragement!
  • Last, and most certainly not least I purchased a new (to me) treadmill.  I have wanted a treadmill for a long time.  We were weighing  the option of joining a gym.  But the gym is so far away that with the added expense of gas it was just too much.  So we opted to invest in the treadmill instead.  I bought it (barely) used off of craigslist and got it for less than half the retail price.  I will use this in correlation with my other workout videos to hopefully develop a good exercise routine.  I do have one question I wonder if any of you might be able to answer.  It has a reading rack.  Can you really read while walking on the treadmill??  I haven't tried it yet.  I just wondered if any of you have been successful at doing it? 


Ann said...

dont you just love craigslist?!? We are looking for a treadmill on there too. We have an eliptical but my (& the hubs) knees can't take it. Hope you get better soon.

Murdock's mama said...

I really want to get an eliptical from cl too. We have found some great stuff on there. I am not able to read on a treadmill, although I love flipping through magazines or watching tv while running/walking. I have friends who are able to read...for me it's motion thing.