Friday, December 4, 2009

My Fantasy Christmas List

I got this idea from Alexis over at Where He Lead Me I Will Follow.  She posted about her fantasy Christmas list and I thought I'd do the same. 

Here's MY Fantasy Christmas List

1.  A $5,000 shopping spree - you know the kind like they give you on "What Not to Wear."  I love to shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, toiletries, make-up.  You name it!

2.  An iphone.  My current phone is just fine, but I'd love to have an iphone.  Maybe someday.

3.  A New Laptop.   Not one for me, but one for my kids to use, so that maybe, perhaps, I might get an opportunity to use mine again.

5.  Multiple Gift Certificates to a Spa.  I don't know, maybe enough to go once a month for a whole year?

6.  Maid service for the rest of my life. 

** As an aside, if you decide to google "maid" for images you will come up with images of the kind of maid most men would fantasize about, not you.  (Don't ask me how I know this.)

7.  Laser Hair Removal.  This might seem a bit strange to some of you.  But I have gotten to the age where I am finding hair in lots of unwanted places. 

There you have it!  It's definitely not an exhaustive list.   I also reserve the right to come back and add more later. 

Want to see what everyone else has on their fantasy list?  Hop on over to Alexis' blog and link up with the other ladies on the blog hop.

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Alexis said...

Love your post! You have a very pretty blog. Thanks so much for playing along!!!