Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Cards?

Let's talk Christmas Cards, shall we?  Do you send Christmas Cards?  How do you decide who gets one and who doesn't?  Do you have deadline set for yourself to get them in the mail? 

Today I'm thinking about Christmas Cards because I received our Christmas Cards (photo cards I ordered in the mail) almost a week ago and I haven't even started to address them and get them ready for the mail.  I have my standard list of family that I send to (parents, aunts & uncles, cousins) and then we have a list of close friends that we also send to.  But I must admit to being one of the worst Christmas Card givers of all times.  For example, last year, I didn't even send out cards.  Things just got too busy and I never had the time to fool with it.  But I LOVE receiving them.  Especially the photo ones!  Dare I admit that I've also been known to be such a procrastinator that there have been years where you will find me passing out cards to my family at our Christmas get together on CHRISTMAS EVE!   See, I told you I'm a terrible Christmas Card giver!  Better late than never, right?

Is there any one out there who can relate to my Christmas Card woes?  Care to share your Christmas Card confessions with me? Or am I the only one with terrible Christmas Card etiquette? 


Tendrils said...

I love sending and getting Christmas cards! I just ordered mine a few days ago, so I don't expect them until next week sometime.....and I am like a little kid in a candy store when they are delivered! I can't wait to crack open the new pen and sit down to address envelopes... My husband thinks I'm sick!

Pennie said...

I haven't taken my picture yet for our photo cards! We cut our tree this Sunday, so I hope to get the pic then, and get the cards made Monday.
I send photo cards to family and we've moved a ton of times, so our list is LOOONNNNGGGG! Most people get photo cards.
Except for my husband's co-workers. I purchase a box or two of cards from Hallmark for them. And I usually make or purchase nice ones for the 30-40 gals in my women's Bible study, because I'm the leader, so I really need to have one for each one in my group and then for the Directors of the groups in other cities that work under me, and board members.
So, my Christmas card ways are COMPLICATED...and I'm much farther behind than you are - so, honey - you're doing FINE!

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

I'm pretty good with the Christmas cards. I love sending and I LOVE receiving! I have my cards, but haven't addressed or mailed them yet. Probably a task on my to do list this weekend.

After my boys were born, I ordered photo cards to mail to everyone...and guess what...I NEVER sent them. How horrible is that? All that money spent. I was way way too busy caring for newborn twins. It was a good thought though!