Saturday, April 30, 2011

Packing, Packing, & More Packing

I really hate packing. I used to think that I'm a pretty organized person. I mean usually it's pretty easy to locate things in our home when you are looking for them. Unless of course my husband or kids have used them. No, but seriously, I have a place for everything and try to put it back there when I'm done or when I'm picking up the house. However, when it comes time to pack I realize just how scattered and unorganized everything is. I pack up a box in one room thinking that all the items related to that box are in it and I proceed to tape it up and declare it ready to go. Then when I get to the next room I find something that should have been in that box. So frustrating and no matter how hard I try I am still finding odds and ends laying around that should have gone in one box or another. I guess I should just start a box that says "odds & ends" and I will know that it has a mixture of items from throughout the house. I also try to clean things out as I pack. I mean there is no point in hauling stuff that we don't need 700 hundred miles, right? But my husbands packing philosophy? Just start chucking everything into boxes, any box, with no rhyme or reason. After all it's all going to the same place, right? Guess that gives you an idea of who does the unpacking! LOL!

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otherwise known as mom said...

My dad always said two moves is as good as a fire. He said that as he rebuilt our house after it burned. He might have lost some possessions, but not his sense of humor I guess.

Here's hoping the move goes well. Hang in there!