Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Insight

I am a pastor's wife (I think I've mentioned that before) and I ran across this blog entry through a forum for pastor's wives that I am a part of. It has great insight into some of the things a pastor's wife (& a pastor) go through at times. I am VERY blessed to be able to say that my church does NOT treat us like this AT ALL. We have been so blessed by our current church family. As a matter of fact I consider them family.

At any rate I thought I would share this here in case there is anyone who might benefit by reading it. If you are a church member you can be a tremendous support to your pastor & pastor's wife by treating them like they are part of your family. I pray that this article may enable you to have insight into what it is like to be in ministry and that it would enable you to take steps to be a blessing to the leaders that God has called to care for you. Ask God what needs your pastor and his family may have that you could help to meet.

Why Are There So Many Angry Ministers' Wives?

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MaryFran said...

Your right, that was an amazing post. I'm not a preachers wife, but a preachers daughter. Spot on!