Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inquiring Minds Want to Know (This Inquiring Mind Wants to Know )

Lots of people have asked about where I got my tips for taking family photos.  I got tips from lots of different sources and I promise that when I get a little time (possibly tomorrow) I will hunt up links to all of the ones that I used and maybe even add in a couple of my own and post them for you.

For now I'm hoping that you will help me out.  I've been looking at our grocery budget for quite some time.  Trying to figure out ways to shave some off of my grocery bill.  With price of groceries rising every day, it's difficult.  I joined E-Mealz (recommended by Dave Ramsey).  I really have enjoyed having everything pre-planned for me and I have also saved some money along the way.  BUT, I am still left wondering if there are some other ways we could still cut back.  That's where YOU come in.  Please share your tips with me.  How do you make feeding your family more affordable?

One question in particular that I would be interested in hearing the answer to is this...What is a reasonable amount to spend on a family of five for a dinner time meal?  Is it $10? $5? Along this line, I would also love for you to share one (or more) of your family's favorite & cheapest recipes.

I'll start...

Macaroni Soup 
(This is what my grandmother called it, some other people call it Goulash)

1 box of elbow macaroni ($1.00)
1/2 pound ground beef (<$1.00)

2 cans tomato paste ($1.00)
1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese (<$1.00)

Salt, pepper, & onion powder 

In a large pot brown ground beef after seasoning with salt, pepper, & onion powder.  Add in water (enough to cover macaroni - more if you like it soupier), macaroni, tomato paste, and salt & pepper (to taste).  Cook until noodles are tender.  Serve sprinkled with cheddar cheese.  My kids also like to add in nature's seasoning for their own added flavor. 

We hardly ever have leftovers of this recipe. Cost of entire recipe = less than $4.

Ok, now it's your turn.  Help a sister out!



Lolli said...

I think it's totally reasonable to make dinner for a family for under $10. I have several recipes that are around the $5 range, and I an feeding 7. When you use basic (not exotic) ingredients and cook from scratch, it really is a very cheap way to cook.

Tina Fisher said...

Your timing couldn't be more perfect! I need to start making my husband's hard earned buck go a little further.

Locally there is a blog that the woman hightlights great deals. She was featured on a local news program. That's one thing I am going to do.

Another, I am going to have to go to more than one place and will shop the ads. That will mean making dinners around sales. Fortuneately we have made space to buy things on sale rather than by need. Example...Cub had 39 cents a lb turkey..got two..probably get two more. Now that's a cheap dinner, left overs & soup!

We also shop at Costco and are hoping to stock a second freezer with 1/2 beef.

I am at a loss for how much we spend per meal. I hope to reduce with coupons!

Good luck and I love the recipe. I am going to copy it.

Oh, I subscribe to Simple & Delious and they break out meal costs. I should pay more attention to this.

Good luck and I will come back to see what other recipes you have going. Maybe you should do a feature on this...maybe weekly or something? That would be really cool!

This is a long comment...almost posting on your post!!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheryl A On the Old Path said...

This is a great idea, I have to get little ones in bed, but I will grab some recipes and pop back in tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by my blog and no I didn't design it I wish I had. It was Jennisa at Once Upon a Blog.

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Hi I am finally back sorry we have been under the weather. When I cook I eyeball more then stick to a recipe so this is kind of guesstimate cooking. Now I always try to buy things on sale so when it goes on sale I stock up.
We call this our Mexican Dip

-Package of ground beef 3lb browned
-Cook 2 cups of rice set aside
-warm red pepper green pepper and a few onions in a frying pan (if the peppers are small I will do two) You want it to still have some bite in it so don't over cook.
-Container of cottage cheese ( the medium size)
About 4 cups of crushed tomatoes
cube a brick of cheddar cheese
In a large pot mix together gr. beef and tomato sauce throw in the seasoning you like salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, and chili powder if you like things really spice go for it.
Add in your rice peppers onions and cottage cheese have on low heat as you are mixing it so it stays hot.
Just before you serve add in cubed cheese.

I serve this up in bowls and we have tostitos corn chips and we scoop it with the chips.

This makes a lot and freezes well if you can by the more expensive items when they are on sale this is a yummy economical meal.

Anonymous said...
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