Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fast and Furious

Fast and furious.  That seems to describe my life and schedule right now.  The month of April has included lots of traveling for me including a wedding and a women's conference.  The month of May doesn't look to be any quieter. I will be traveling to another wedding this weekend.  The second weekend of May is our Ladies' Tea at our church.  The third weekend will be my sweet husband's graduation.  After lots and lots of hard work he will be receiving his Bachelor's Degree.  I am so proud of him! We have lots of friends and family coming in from out of town.  I'm sure it will loads of fun.  School softball for my daughter has finally come to a close only to make way for city league.  I have hopes that this week will be the week that I will get back into the swing of things and make it around to all my beloved blogs.  I made it to quite a few today and hope to visit some more tonight.  In the mean time I really need some blogging inspiration. What do you do to keep your bloggy juices flowing when life is fast and furious?  I could really use some help/ideas.  

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Pennie said...

Bloggy juices? Mannland 5 has a Sunday blog hop (Getting To Know You) and Five Crooked Halos has a Friday One (5 Question Friday) for when I have nothing else on those days...and when the questions aren't too embarrassing...

You can take pictures at your women's tea and post them and blog about that - I do that for my women's ministry (SAMmy's) and blog about that stuff all the time - and insights about what I feel God is showing me...you'd be surprised how interested people are in that! What's more interesting than what you feel God is communicating to you, personally? That's cool! I'm sure you have a ton of that stuff to share.

And, everyone loves the personal touches - You are a really good writer! It's fun getting to know you better! I love when you share about your family...you're a really good writer.

Hope that helps, Tammy! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. And, congrats to your hubby! Big accomplishment!