Wednesday, January 21, 2009


You know, I have been pondering this blogging thing.  I found myself at the beginning of the year wanting to revive my blog.  But as I got ready to write I wondered what was the purpose or point of writing about the everyday mundane happenings in my life?  I wondered, who will really want to read this nonsense.  Today as I was taking time to visit all my "friends" blogs to check in on them and see what is happening in their lives I found that many of them have stopped updating their blogs.  That's when I realized why is good to write about our everyday (sometimes boring lives).   I realize that sometimes life gets busy (for me too!) and we can't make blogging a priority (& sometimes it is only for a season).  But when someone stops writing I miss them!  Maybe that's silly, but it's really how I feel.   So, perhaps if I do write about my boring, mundane, mostly the same day to day life, no one will read it.  But, perhaps, someone might. 

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